2013 Top 10 Best Flash Websites

“I am planning to build up my trading company website and will need to update it on daily basis. Is there any good tips for me to make a better flash website?” Yes, flash website is playing an extremely important role in many trades for commercial or other purpose thanks to its overwhelming features. As we know that flash can deliver both visual and audio messages vividly and makes everything alive. Moreover, Flash is also very interactive and keeps the website visually interesting for most viewers. We can also add lots of sounds and animations which cannot be imported on a regular web sites like YouTube from which we get lots of swf flash videos, instead of adding sound, we can extract mp3 from swf or convert swf to audio via the powerful swf video converter, so that we can use the extracted sound or music on our own websites freely. Isn’t it amazing? So, if you are planning to create a good flash website content, the following tips might be useful for you.


Tips 1: When you are creating the graphic object, try to use the proper symbols.

Tips 2: Don’t lump all of your content into one movie. Instead, break a large site into several small movies that load into an interface.

Tips 3: When you are loading some external content like from your computer into the Flash interface, avoid to use a different frame rate but the same one instead.

Tips 4: If possible, try to use symbol instances but not creating new content only.

Tips 5: Create a separate layer for any ActionScript that is added to key frames in the timeline.

Tips 6: Use intelligible and meaningful names to mark the key frames

Tips 7: Use symbol linkage to reference Library items with ActionScript.

Tips 8: It is recommended to use comments with complex lines of ActionScript.

Tips 9: Label layers.

Now, let’s have a look at the Top 10 2013 Best Flash Websites for your reference.. All of them are picked with their outstanding visual artistry, integrated sound, ease of use, and uniqueness.

No.1: Disney New Fantasyland

It takes you to an enchanted place full of surprise by using flash. You will sure get the most unforgettable alive web experience.


No.2: The Museum of Me

It was created by Fluid Inc. It is the best choice for Face book fans. It can turn the pictures, videos into a virtual tour.

No.3: Old Spice Music Muscle

It is a funny flash website where you can make the “funky” music by using Terry Crews’s muscles. Besides, you are allowed to make your own jams and upload to other video websites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc.


No.4: Flash Driving Game
It is a 3D driving game website. You can challenge your friends via face book.

No.5: We Choose The Moon

Well, when you are landing this website, you will feel as if you were walking on the moon thanks to the smart function of flash which meshes archival video, audio, & photos in a good way.

No.6: Moodstream | Getty Images

It is a brainstorming tool for you. You can adjust a stream of images, footage, & audio freely as well.

No.7: Monoface

It is the website of a famous advertising agency in Minneapolis. Mr. Potato Head style face can show up to 759,375 entertaining expression to visitors.

No.8: Waterlife
It provides audience a wonderful preview of the lush cinematography and rich storytelling found in the film, which makes it like a showcase for the documentary film.

No.9: Clouds Over Cuba

It uses fantastic flash to allow you to relive the Cuban Missile Crisis 50 years later and discover what might have been.

No.10:Infinite OZ
You will be brought into a wonderful journey that you never want to go.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0 8.0 to Be Released in June, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Tab series tablets have been enjoying good reputation for their excellent performance. The supported HD 1080p resolution blights Apple’s iPad a lot. About one month ago, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0 7.0-inch was exposed and widely acclaimed by lots of users all over the world with its smart little body of only 9.96mm, fashion design and capability of supporting 3G video call.

However, Samsung is not contented with what it has got, and continues to keep up efforts in introducing a more scintillating tab. Earlier in this month, a bigger 8.0-inch Galaxy Tab 3.0 was rumored to be launched in June by South Korean technology giant, as Samsung community website SamMobile reported. In the meanwhile, it also revealed the specifications and images of the expected Galaxy Tab 3.0 8.0.

 Galaxy Tab

Judging from the snapshot taken by the respected media, we can see that Tab 3.0 8.0 is in the similar design of that of Tab 3.0 7.0, but a little thinner in the frame of screen. It is said that the new Galaxy Tab 3.0 8.0 will be in size of 209.3 x 122.2 x 6.95 mm. And shipped with an amazing 8-inch touch screen with 1280×800 resolution. It will run a dual-core 1.5GHz processor on Android4.2.2 operating system. Besides, it will provide a 1.5GB RAM and a microSD card which can be extended to hold 16GB storage. It supports Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi and 3G and more. Other specifications include a front-mounted camera with 130,000 pixels, a back-mounted one of 500,000 pixels and a 4450mAh high – capacity built – in battery.

Leaked specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0 (8.0-inch):

1. Model No:SM-T310 (3G): Galaxy Tab 3.0 (8.0-inch)
2. Dimensions: 209.3 x 122.2 x 6.95 mm
3. Display: 8.0-inch WXGA TFT screen with HD 1280x800p resolution
4. Processor: 1.5GHz Dual-core processor
5. RAM: 1.5GB
6. OS: Android v4.2.2 OS
7. Storage capacity: 16GB, expandable up to 64GB via microSD card
8. Camera: Main: 5.0-megapixel camera Front: 1.3-megapixel camera
9. Battery: 4450mAh
10. Add-ons: Bluetooth v4.0, USB v2.0, Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n), A-GPS

Many users surmised that the purpose of the new Tab 3.0 8.0 was to stand against the iPad which’s considered to be the No. 1 in tablet market. Both two gadgets have got their own pros and cons. Of course, there are some differences between them such as the design, operation system and functionality and more. It doesn’t make any sense by guessing, who will win the prize, we’ll find out very soon.

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The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Animated Movies

Different people have different tastes on movies or videos. Some prefer to watch action movies, some like comedy while others love animated the best. Thanks to the unique and stunning features of animated movie, it is favored by lots of people, from the old to the young, especially the children. Animated movie is made in the form of animated cartoon and full of movement and activities(similar to the action movies), it is also full of vigor and spirit.


2013 summer is coming and school will be out quite soon, most of children have made a good plan to spend their long holidays joyfully. Instead of going outside in the heat, it will a great family entertainment to watch some funny animated movies together. this summer, we are lucky enough to welcome several good animated movies which include The Croods, Wreck-It Ralph, Epic, Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, Turbo, Planes and more. All of these are really worth expecting.

animation movie/

Here is another question, do you want to make your own animated movies? Well, perhaps it sounds a little difficult and even impossible, but by following the proper way, we can do that as well.

Step 1. Determine the type of the animated movie. You should complete a plot or a draft for the movie first. What is the theme of the movie, will it be full of actions or just comedy only?

Step 2. Record every scene. When you are developing a plot for the animated movie, you can draw each scene on a so-called storyboard.

Step 3. Write the script. Think carefully about the dialogue since it is very important to the movie. You can write it down on the paper as a script.

Step 4. Determine the characters of the movie. As we know, characters play a very essential part in the movie,. You should study carefully on the characters, including his or her profiles, personalities, traits and more.

Step 5. Start to animate the movie. Picking the proper animation technique is the key on making good animated movie. You can either use traditional animation skills or adapt Flip books which are much cheaper but without any sound. Well, choose the right one that meets your requirement.

Step 6. Do editing to the movie. After the animating, you can double check it to see if it is OK, is there anything that you are not satisfied with or would like to change? You can do the post production on the professional editors like Windows Movie Maker by converting swf to wmv to make your animated movie near to perfect.

Step 7. After confirming everything is alright, it is time for you to show your wonderful self-made animated movies! Enjoy!

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Five Free Flash Editors for Making Good Flash

We can access to many flash videos very often, but it maybe a little difficult for us to define what exactly Flash Video is, right? Actually, Flash Video is a container file format which is used to deliver the videos over the internet. It can be embedded in the SWF files as well. Thanks to its stunning feature like smallest size and fast loading speed, Flash Video is widely and well adapted by many famous websites including YouTube, Hulu, VEVO, Yahoo! Video, metacafe, Reuters.com. We can play the Flash Videos via Adobe Flash Player or with the help of third-party software if necessary.

Enjoying flash videos online is a very good experience, but have you ever thought of making flash videos of your own and upload to websites for people sharing? Well, we can do that as other people do with the assistance of some useful and free flash editors which are specially developed to edit the flash files with awesome effects and animations, making the flash files more attractive.

Now, let’s come to have a look at five good and free flash editors in the following.

1. Salasaga

Salasaga is a completely free and easy-to-use GUI creating environment, helping users to create the impressive visuals and practically useful flash based learning content. It brings what Adobe Captivate offers at the very beginning, later, it has been greatly enhanced with the purpose of providing more comprehensive and powerful function than Adobe Captivate does. It allows the production of in-depth presentation and simulation style e Learning.

2. Ming

Called as a big library, Ming can produce Macromedia Flash files (.swf), written in C in its own way. Besides, it contains some practical utilities which can be used to work with the swf files. The lately-released Ming has been updated to support PHP.


3. Flash Develop

Flash Develop is a very powerful and popular free open source code editor supporting Microsoft Windows .NET 2.0 application for XP, Vista, 7 and 8, Mac OSX/Linux compatible using virtualization software (VirtualBox, VMWare, Parallels) and more. Besides, it offers the top class supporting for ActionScript (2 & 3) and Haxe development and can integrate with Flash CS3, Flex SDK, MTASC, haXe and Swfmill seamlessly.

flash develop


Short for Motion Twin ActionScript 2 Compiler, MTASC is an open source ActionScript2 compiler for free. It is commonly used by lots of Flash professionals all over the world. What is the most amazing point is that MTASC can compile .as files into a `.swf` containing the flash byte code without needing the Flash IDE. That means, we can import the swf with Flash IDE or with other source tools when we would like to add some additional resources.


5. Minibuilder

Minibuilder is written in Action Script and developed to help developing programs which are written in Action Script 3. It provides an editor with a small footprint that would eventually run on smaller computers like notebooks or even pocket-size devices. It is a great experience to operate this almighty flash editor since the changing or extending is quite easy.


These five great flash editors above are all open source and can be used to help creating amazing flash videos or files without costing you even a penny. Why not have a try.

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Nokia launches Asha 501 smart phone revealing new OS Operating System

On May 8,2013,the brand new Nokia Asha 501 smart mobile was released by Nokia in India. As one of the new Asha series products, Nokia 501 is specifically targeted at low-and-middle end market with price of $99 only.Except for the dominant characteristic of superb long battery standby time of up to 48 hours, this Asha 501 has got its own overwhelming feature, that is it will be powered by a refreshed Asha operating system (OS) featuring software capabilities from Smartphone.”The new Asha platform provides developers with an open, standards-based environment for creating quality apps for consumers. Developers can create apps for the Nokia Asha 501 that will be compatible with future Asha platform-based devices,” Nokia stated.It is said that around 100,000,000 smart phones including Asha 501 will be shipped with this brand new Asha Operating System in the near few years.

nokia asha 501

Much like the simple but nice design of the previous Nokia low-end smart phones, this Asha 501 is more or less the same except that it is a little lighter with only 98 grams. As seen in the picture, it is featured with 3-inch display screen with 320*240 resolution.There are six different colors for customers’ choice including red, green, blue, yellow, white and black. From June, consumers can buy this phone from 60 operators and distributors in over 90 countries. The phone provides a 4GB built-in storage card and another external storage card of up to 32GB high capacity. Most importantly, it is equipped with WIFI function which is not supported in the previous product versions.There are two versions of the sim card:Single-card-one-standby and Dual-cards-two-standby.

The unique key feature of this new software is its ability for users to swipe between two screens: the traditional home screen to launch apps and phone functions, and the “Fastlane” skin–a brand new user-interface design similar to HTC Blink Feed  which lists the recently accessed contacts, social networks, and apps etc and enables users to preview conveniently.

The newly launched Asha OS is a departure from the previous iteration which was based on Nokia’s Series 40 operating system. This figure reflects “intense competitive industry dynamics as well as lower seasonal demand”.

Nokia said the the Asha 501 owners who are also Airtel subscribers in India or Africa will be able to access Facebook as well–whether via the app or browser–without additional data charges.However, such free service will be available for a limited time only.

On the other hand, other important partners like WhatsApp claimed that they will release some applications in this refreshed Asha Operating System in the future.

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How to Optimize Your Flash SWF Files

Flash files are used widely, but when people use it, they always need new demand. People always chase perfect. SWF files optimization is one of the chasing things. Here is the tip for how to optimaiz flash swf files.

General optimization
Please use symbols, animated or otherwise, for every element that appears more than once. You need to use tweened animations when you are creating animation sequences, because these animations occupy less file space than keyframs. Use movie clips instead of graphic symbols for animations sequences. You need to reduce the area of change in each keyframe as possible as you can to make the action happen in as small area as possible. Try your best to avoid animating bitmap elements and use bitmap images as background or static elements.


You can use Color menu in the Symbol Property inspector to create many instances of a single symbol in different colors. Then you need to use Color Mixer to match the color palette of the document to a browser-specific palette. Use gradients sparingly. You need about 50 bytes for filling an area with gradient color. You can use alpha transparency sparingly because it can slow playback.

Texts and fonts
You need limit the number of fonts and font style. Please use embedded fonts sparingly because they can increase file size. Select only the needed characters instead of including the entire font for Embed Fonts options.

Lines and elements
Do your best to group elements. You can separate elements that minimize the number of separate lines that are used to describe shapes by using layers. Reduce the number of special line types as possible as you can, such as dashed, dotted, ragged. Solid lines require less memory and lines that are created with the Pencil tool need less memory than brush strokes.

With these tips, you need not to spend extra money to buy some software or tool. What’s more, these tips are easy to understand, you are not required much flash knowledge. So please have it to try! More flash tips, you can visit our swf converter mac

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How to Manually Install Adobe Flash Player on Your Android Device

Oops, adobe flash player has said goodbye to android device. That’s means you cannot play flash player on your android device, and do you get stuck without flash? Actually, the answer is negative. Here is the way about how to manually install adobe flash player for android users.
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How to Use Hotkeys in Flash?

Personally, I really like using hotkeys in any applications. Flash isn’t the exception. These hotkeys can bring us convenience, save our time, improve our work efficiency. In this article, firstly, I will show some hotkeys widely used in flash, then I will show you how to create your own set of hotkeys.


A – Arrow/Cursor

T – Text Tool

P – Pencil

I – Ink Bottle

B – Paint Brush

U – Paint Bucket

E – Eraser

D – Dropper

M – Magnifier

L – Lasso


F5 – Add frame

Shift F5 – Delete Frame

F6 – Add Keyframe
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How to Make Flash Animation

Many people who like flash may want to make flash animation by themselves. Here, I will show you some knowledge for making flash animation. The tool you will need is Adobe Flash CS4 Professional.

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Comparison between Flash and Silverlight

With the release of the Silverlight1.0, a dilemma occurs among designers and developer that how to make choice between flash and slivertlight. Adobe flash claimed that more than 90% of users choose flash. However, Silverlight has managed to include some features that designers and developer want to see in flash. In this article, I will share some technologies difference between flash and Silverlight to help you to do the best choices. The comparison will be done based on the following aspects:

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